I Buy Stamp Collections $$$$

Email : Darrin@djmstamps.com

I buy all sorts of Stamp Collections, from Kids Collections to Special Pieces and Deceased Estates, and I make FAIR offers, which you can then decide whether to accept or not.  In order for me to make a good offer for your collection, I need to actually SEE it, and this can be from either emailing me pictures of what you have, or preferrably, mailing me the collection to my safe Post Office Box.

Important notes about selling your collection :-

- I make FAIR offers for your material based on the quality and quantity of the collection.

- As stated above, in order to make a good and fair offer I need to SEE the material you are selling, either by emailing pictures or sending me the collection.  You can mail your collection to :-  Darrin Martin, DJM Stamps, GPO Box 670, The Gap  QLD 4061, Australia.

- Please don't send me (or email me pictures of ) stained, mouldy, torn or poor condition stamps or albums.  I buy only collections that are in reasonable or better condition.

- If you decide not to accept my offer I will return your collection UNTOUCHED, so please be sure to include your name and address in case your collection needs to be returned.  I am a member of the IPDA (Internet Philatelic Dealers Association) and have promised to abide by their code of conduct in trading.

- I DO NOT buy collections from the Indian Sub-continent or Middle East.

- Payment for your stamps will be made by either PAYPAL or Bank Deposit.  Most banks have a wait period of 3 days before clearing funds.

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